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No Cleaning, Single-use bag

Automated, No Press Required

100 lbs of grapes makes 5 gal of Wine

Winemaking for the serious enthusiast

Make red wine using real grapes instead of juice for award-winning results. Advanced technology eliminates all the mess and cleaning. Completely self-contained. Does not require a destemmer, or press.

Featured in The Wall Street Journal


The Winery That Fits in a Closet

By Aleksandra Crapanzano  Oct. 12, 2018

“What if you could make wine by putting grapes in a bag and pushing a button? Meet the GO fermentor Jr, an automated, spill-proof, kitchen-size vino machine.” It’s the brainchild of biotech scientist Vijay Singh, the inventor...

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Make real wine from real grapes at home


Nothing else needed. Just buy some yeast and add upto 110 lbs of wine grapes for 5 gallons of superb wine in 8 to 10 days. Closed bag operation enables zero sulfite wines. Proven award-winning performance.


Food grade BPA-free single use fermentation bag. No cleaning. No contamination. No off-odors. No mess. No insects. Your family will love it. 20 inches in diameter and 36 inches tall. Fits anywhere in a basement or closet.


Unattended punchdown. Set schedule on smart phone. Perfect punching based on our patented air bladder technology. No getting up at 2am or working weekends. Built-in Wifi and free monitoring/control app.


With the push of a button the machine presses out the wine. Collect and age it for a few months and your are ready to amaze your friends. Waste skins and seeds are left in the bag. Just pull it out and use the pomace as compost. All you need is another $25 bag for the next delicious batch.

100 lbs of grapes = 5 gallons of wine

Automated Punch to extract flavour and color

When a punch is desired, the controller inflates the bladders. This action squeezes the fermentation bag forcing the wine up through the cap. After a few minutes the bladder is deflated and fragments of the cap fall back into the wine. The action is repeated periodically and ensures that the cap is dispersed and kept moist.

Automated wine press

Pressing out wine is difficult to do at home. Wine presses are expensive and create a huge mess. This is the main reason why home winemakers mostly use grape juice. However, for red wines, fermentation with skins is essential to making quality wine. The GO fermentor Jr with its integral press does away with the need for a dedicated press.